Summer Seminar: Bio-inspired robot control and AI

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NAIST (B607)

Recently, robot control and artificial intelligence (AI) are attracting attention. Sometimes they may sound difficult, but there are many intuitive aspects that are inspired by animals. We study several techniques learned from their skill and flexibility. In practical training, we challenge robot motion control using reinforcement learning, which is one of the AI. Through this seminar, you will feel excellence of animals and possibility of robot.

Specifically, you will first take a lecture, and start a main work to control robots!

  1. Lecture
    1. Summary
    2. Reinforcement learning
  2. (Group) Work
    1. Task setting
    2. Programming by python
    3. Experiments
    4. Report

It is useful to have knowledge such as programming, but there is no problem if you don’t have, because we will provide an easy work and will help you, so please participate without hesitation. Please apply from here (or, from above External Link).

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